Top Secret: The 12th Apostle of the Lamb

As the twelve apostles will sit on the twelve thrones in the Lord’s coming kingdom (Matthew 19:28), could ancient apostles and disciples decide whom to replace Judas Iscariot to sit on one of the twelve apostolic thrones in the coming kingdom of Christ(not of man) by casting lots(Acts 1:26)? Did they really mean pre-enthroning Matthias by casting lots? Could they?

In another hand, as Lord Jesus has known the twelve would miss one (Judas Iscariot), why didn’t He appoint Matthias by Himself? As He could come back extraordinarily to select Paul, why didn’t He show up to select Matthias?

What were His purposes on selecting the betrayer to be one of the twelve? Is His marvelous plan just to let the eleven apostles and disciples to pre-enthrone Matthias by casting lot? When teaching Matthias as one of the final twelve apostles of the Lamb, he or she doesn’t mean that Lord Jesus wrongly selected Judas Iscariot and forgot to announce the replacing new apostle on time so He left this job to disciples? Two mistakes to Him? Does this glorify God? It is too farfetched and even backs up incautiously those ungodly mocks for selecting Judas Iscariot! It's too unhealthy and too much and for too long! Let’s stop it!


Briefly, in the Old Testament {typifying the New Testament} age, after the resurrection sign, Joseph, the distinctive one of the twelve sons of Jacob {typifying one of the twelve apostle of the Lamb}, was mysteriously sent to the Gentiles, to reveal God’s mystery of salvation to the greatest Gentile king as an innocent prisoner, raised up two sons {typifying two spiritual sons or “genuine children”}, had not been recognized by the eleven sons {typifying the eleven apostles}, and even was ignored on listing by his own father {typifying the Holy Spirit} for a long time superficially…, until Jacob was {typifying Christ is} coming to the earthly king(s)!

Hence, it indeed has manifested to be a parable revealing and warning Christ's soon Second Coming!

                          As hidden so secretly, must be crucial!

   Actually, we found more than 100 points from Joseph’s story incredibly typifying things regarding the 12th apostle of the Lamb, and the most possible person to be this mysterious 12th apostle of the Lamb to replace Judas Iscariot the betrayer is definitely not Matthias but… Paul!

   We even discovered a compound person Judas Saul© hinted by the Holy Spirit in the Bible! Then, the revelations like water flowed in and in abundantly… As the twelve apostles should come with Christ in His Second Coming, the uncertain 12th apostle has to be made clear in advance to all. Thus, this topic has emerged to be a milestone of evidence for Christ’s soon Second Coming! Therefore, we used five aspects to throughly discuss the 12th (apostle): Judas Iscariot, Matthias and Paul, according to evidences, principles, figures, significance and intents of the Holy Spirit deeply hidden in the Holy Bible for God’s glory!

Aspect 1. The significance of the 12 apostles “of the Lamb”: as the Lord did not call them “my” twelve apostles before, between the first term “the twelve apostles” (used only in Matthew 10:2 by Matthew) and the last term “the twelve apostles of the Lamb” (used only in Revelation 21:14 listing no detail), all obscure terms “the twelve”, “the twelve disciples” or “apostles” are used in the Bible. Hence, the twelve apostles were mysteriously “in process” to be finally called “of the Lamb” (not “of men”) to sit in the twelve thrones in Christ’s Kingdom and to be named on the twelve foundations of the wall of the New Jerusalem (including the Gentile mission).

Aspect 2. The Lord’s intentions and the discussible points regarding Matthias: by disciples’ proposing and casting lots (Acts 1:15~26) to pre-enthrone one to sit on the 12th throne in the Lord’s kingdom, it’s surely discussible! Did apostles and disciples really mean so? After open ascension, why did the Lord Jesus extraordinarily appear to Paul but not appoint Matthias directly by Himself? What are the Lord’s intentions?

Aspect 3. The miraculous generation of Paul’s apostleship: the way that the Lord Jesus extraordinarily and directly saved, selected and perfected Paul is so unique, just as the way only to the twelve, or even more unique. Further, according to signs, Paul even could be considered as the returning Judas Iscariot but in the positive side.

Aspect 4. The splendid works & revelations of Paul’s apostleship: as Paul’s revelations and works are not less superior to any other apostles, no wonder some would consider him as the thirteenth apostle (but only exact twelve apostles of the Lamb). At least, his revelations and works qualify him to be listed in the same grade of the twelve (apostles).

Aspect 5. Types for the 12th in the Old Testament Bible: totally, there are fourteen sons (twelve plus two, Ephraim and Manasseh) of Jacob but finally only twelve names of the twelve tribes. Similarly, seemingly fourteen apostles but finally only twelve apostles of the Lamb! Fourteen sons typified fourteen apostles while the history of the twelve sons explained the ministries of the twelve apostles. A picture is worth a thousand words! 

      So, this book is:

 -To magnify His so wise plan on the 12th (apostle): Judas Iscariot, Matthias, and Paul!


 -To solidly remove those shames shouldn’t be put on Christ’s selecting Judas Iscariot and pay Him back the glory! 

 -To discover a so mysterious parable deeply hidden in the Holy Bible around 4,000 years ago! 

 -To reveal so many significant signs and mysteries! 


 -To become a milestone of evidence for Christ’s soon coming with His hidden 12th apostle and other saints!

Thus, this book has manifested to be one of the most remarkable Christian books in a century!

10Unique Discoveries of God’s Speaking through Important Signs in this Book




The sign of the house of
"Judas Saul"©


The sign of Jacob’s marriage
(the baptisms in the Holy Spirit)


The sign of the dance of Mahanaim


The sign of the 12th preached to the greatest Gentile king as an innocent prisoner


Signs of the dead goat, the escape Joseph from a cistern and the blood stained richly ornamented robe


Signs of Joseph’s two sons


Signs of Jacob’s crossly laying hands on 14th and 13th sons


Signs of Joseph Justus Barsabbas and Matthias


Signs of the greatest steward and
his brothers’ famine


The sign regarding the Lord’s Second Coming (Jacob’s moving to Egypt)

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